A year for giving back…


2024 is the year for giving back at JPS.


2024 is the year for giving back at JPS. In April the company started a new charity initiative. Each month a member of staff chooses a charity to receive a £500 donation from the company. The teams can choose a local, national or international charity. Alternatively, they can choose one that has a special significance to them or their families. It’s been difficult to narrow down to choice to one charity each. However, this is hopefully the start of a new tradition for JPS. It’s been interesting to hear the stories linked to each person’s choice and to learn a little more about the staff along the way.



In April, our Managing Director Jonathan kicked things off with his choice, Shelter.

“At JPS we’re in the business of helping our clients create beautiful homes, work spaces and public buildings, so it seems only right that we support charities such as Shelter who help the less fortunate find safe and secure housing when they need it most.”



May saw Mental Health Awareness Week and a timely nomination from our Operations Director Mike for the mental health charity Mind.

I chose Mind as mental health is something that affects us all. With the biggest cause of death in men under 50 being suicide and a high prevalence in the construction industry in particular, I think it’s an extremely worthy cause.”



Our most recent donation was a local one this time. Ty Gobaith/ Hope House is a children’s hospice charity with locations in Conwy and Oswestry. It was chosen by Izaak Baxter, our BIM Technician.

“I chose Tŷ Gobaith children’s hospice as it’s a charity located just down the road from where I live and it’s a great cause that helps very ill children and their families when they need it most.”

July’s donation will take place next week.

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